You are desperate for a change in your life, but you don't know how, when or where to start!

You spend countless hours planning, thinking and overthinking your next steps, but nothing ever seems to materialise and you are seemingly steadily stuck in the planning phase!

Expert advice from articles in books, magazines and websites; educational webinars and online courses! You have tried them all, but instead of raising you higher towards your goals, all the newly gained knowledge seems to act like quicksand and the harder you try to learn, the more you feel stuck!

Some days giving up seems to make more sense than continuing!

You are literally aching to find a solution to all your problems!

If that sounds in any shape or form familiar to you, then this is the program for you!

The 30-Day Crucial Clarity Club is uniquely different!

This program is specifically designed to answer all your questions about what is really holding you back, while also allowing you to discover what you really need to do to excel!

I know, this sounds very much the same as what most other programs on the internet offer, however it is uniquely different!

The 30-Day Crucial Clarity Club is a group journaling program and all members have an exclusive access to the 30-Day Crucial Clarity Club Facebook group.

After completing each daily journal entry, all members share their thoughts and results in the group, which further deepens the whole experience and brings seemingly impossible results!


What can I expect to achieve from the 30-Day Crucial Clarity Club?

  • Unlock hidden thought patterns and emotions, which are having catastrophic affects on you right now and are keeping you firmly stuck in your life

  • Discover your incredibly amazing and huge potential and how to unlock it

  • Learn how to use these newly discovered potentials

  • Learn how to deeply anchor all the newly gained knowledge and insights to prevent you from slipping into bad, old habits again

  • Learn how to use this knowledge every single day to propel you to where you really want to be in life!

Why choose this group program?

  • Being in a group setting means having other people cheer you on and help you set and achieve your goals.

  • Another member in the group might bring up a challenge with which she is dealing. You might have an identical problem, only you see the problem from your own perspective. When looking at someone else’s situation, you might see your own issue in a new light. Suddenly something that was very challenging has an easy solution.

  • Working in group is a great way to experiment with new behaviours. You can “try out” new ways of thinking and relating in a safe environment before going out into the real world. You will also quickly abandon misleading myths that you are alone in your feelings and thoughts. It is likely that several people share your experience.

  • Being in a group will allow you to be part of the group energy, which will not just improve your results, but you are also far more likely to actually complete the challenge!

Is the sharing in the group important? Will the results be the same without sharing?

  • The sharing of your journaling thoughts and emotions is of course not a must, however, the main reason for creating this program was based on the ability to share!

  • Sharing your results in the group will drastically improve your results, but also make the whole experience far more pleasant.

  • Working on your own life and your personal growth at any time can feel challenging, if not overwhelming. Being in a group, connecting and sharing your experiences with others adds a whole new dimension to the learning process and also stops you from feeling lonely and isolated on your journey!

  • Completing the journal prompts on your own without the group will inevitably give you some results, however if you are seeking for ground breaking changes, the group sharing is vital!

This is just some of the feedback from other members of the 30 Day Crucial Clarity Club:

Truthfully Simone, this is a very powerful program of self-discovery for its just 30 days but gives you a taste of the benefits of being connected to your inner being and once we do so, it’s hard reverting back to our old selves or our old ways... I’ve had so many a-has myself and reading the posts on Facebook from other participants was very enlightening and encouraging knowing we are not alone in our struggles.
— S.
This 30 Day Crucial Clarity Challenge was difficult for me in a good way.I have learned that in order to grow I have to be brutally honest with myself and sometimes that means digging deeper than I have ever dug inside me before. But in the end I learned a lot about myself and the other ladies too, and I think it brought us a little bit closer. I have been journaling for a long time,but nothing to this scale and I think my journal entries were a lot more meaningful and fulfilling than what I have ever done in the past. I was pleasantly surprised t some of the topics being asked,because I thought the question was leading us in one direction and then we came to a different conclusion and that was fun.You have been so encouraging along the way and this would not have worked if it had not been for your guidance and support,thank you Simone!
— Angie
I really loved this 30 day crucial clarity. It’s made me stop, look deep, listen, feel and observe myself, the situations around me, things I put myself in, which is not necessary and how I can improve myself,my body,mind and soul. This was a real life saver and opened my eyes to so much about myself. Thanx Simone for this, it really is amazing and worth doing over and over again. Xx
— Bianka

When is it taking place again and how can I take part?

  • Once you have registered, you can begin your 30-Day Challenge immediately. you become a member and have unlimited future access and you will be able to benefit from any special events etc. in future without any further charge!

  • Once you have signed up, please head over to the 30-Day Crucial Clarity Club Facebook group and request to join it, by clicking on the link below. As soon as your payment has been processed, you will be added and you're in!

How much does it cost to take part?

Sign up for only £49!