How to achieve your goals! And the real reason why you haven't succeeded so far!


Let me tell you a story about a guy named *Martin.

For as long as I can remember Martin has worked at a local Supermarket here. His job is to look after all the shopping baskets and shopping trolleys.

When customers simply “abandon” their shopping trolleys in the middle of the car park, Martin walks round collecting and returning them to the front of the store. He makes sure there are plenty of shopping trolleys of all different sizes and specs near the entrance. He collects all the shopping baskets from the checkouts and stacks them up neatly at the front of the store, ready for the next customer. If you arrive with 2 toddlers in tow and you can’t find a trolley with 2 kiddie seats, he’ll find you one. If you haven’t got a coin to put in the trolley to unlock it, he’ll go and get your money changed for you or even get you a “freebie” trolley.


When you enter the store without a trolley, he will ask you if you need a basket and if you bump into him when checking out your items, he will always ask if you would like some help.

He remembers a lot of the customers by name and always has a little chat with you when he sees you, never forgetting to remind you, to give him a shout if you need anything.

No matter what the weather and trust me we get some really rough weather here at times, whether it is blowing a gale, pouring down with rain, whether it is freezing cold outside or scorching hot, he is always patrolling the car park, returning all the trolleys and looking after the customers.


I know, to many this kind of job to is probably something they might find themselves doing temporarily, just to earn some money until they find something better, but not for Martin. He loves his job. To him it is far more than a job.

Well, a few years ago, I suddenly noticed I hadn’t seen Martin for a while when I went shopping. I began to wonder what had happened and when I asked someone whether he was OK and if they knew why I hadn’t seen him recently, I was shocked to learn the supermarket had made him redundant. I was told the store had to make some cutbacks and didn’t have the funds to support his position any longer and therefore had to let him go.


Now this sounds like a rather sad ending to a very short story, however it isn’t! 

When I got home, I asked my husband,

“Guess who I saw back at work at the supermarket?!”

Without hesitation he replied,


Surprised he already knew, I asked him,

“How did you know?”

Fred smiled and answered,

“I am amazed you haven’t heard, yet! Apparently, Martin kept turning up for work every morning, despite the fact he had been made redundant and wasn’t being paid anymore! He proclaimed, he just wanted to work there, whether he was being paid to do so or not. He would just turn up and start working, like nothing had changed. The store kept sending him home whenever they spotted him, telling him he could no longer do this, as he wasn’t insured through them any longer.

However, Martin kept turning up, each morning, began work, like nothing had happened, again and again and again, regardless of not being paid for his work anymore.

And eventually, they gave him his job back again!”


I was speechless, but incredibly happy for Martin and incredibly inspired by his perseverance and dedication!

Attitude is everything.

Yes, Martin could have just accepted his fate and tried to move on, but he loved his job so much, he wasn’t prepared to let it go.

He loved his job so much, he was even prepared to work without being paid.

His main intention behind it all was to simply keep doing what he loved and in the end, not just was he able to continue doing what he loves most, but now even gets paid to do so again.

Martin still works at this store today and I am sure he will do for a long time to come.


This is a true story, but what has this story got to do with YOU?


Whenever you feel lost again, whenever you feel like you have failed, whenever you feel like giving up, whenever you feel like your dreams never come true anyway, ask yourself;

  •       How much do I really want this?

  •       How much have I really tried? Have I lived it, breathed it with every fibre of my body?

  •       Am I truthfully willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it, come hell or high water?

  •       Would I even be willing to do it, if I didn’t get any credit or thank for what I’ve done, would I do it without being paid to do it?

  •       How much are my actions today working towards my goals?

Once we start asking the relevant questions with regards to our actions, everything suddenly becomes clear and we can easily see, why we are or are not achieving the desired results.

What are your goals and are you really doing everything within your power to achieve them?

Ask yourself the questions above and find out if you are really, honestly and truthfully doing everything you can or are you just making excuses?

Leave a comment and let me know.








*Martin is a fictional name, to protect the real guy’s privacy


Simone Meadowcroft