Why you are suffering with anxiety and panic attacks and the surprisingly easy way to overcome them


Most people I meet these days have absolutely no idea I used to suffer from debilitating anxiety and panic attacks.

But I have been there!

Even just reading an article about anxiety and how to possibly cure it could set me off in the past and I would end up with a full blown panic attack. At my worst, I was almost housebound! My anxiety and panic attacks had spiralled out of control into agoraphobia and I struggled to even leave the house and when I did have to go out, it was sheer terror.


I would step outside and the world was spinning, I felt dizzy, faint. My heart would pound, like it was about to jump out of my chest or maybe even stop under all that stress. My chest felt compacted, like the weight of a car was lying on my chest. My lungs felt like I was drowning and the harder I desperately tried to breathe in some air, the more my lungs seemed to be restricted, like they were already filled with something other than air, only making it possible to take the shallowest of breaths, each one leaving me more paralysed than the last.

The worse my anxiety and the panic attacks got, the more I wondered how I had ever got myself into such a mess? I would think about the person I used to be, so full of life and energy, so full of happiness and vibrance and get desperately upset looking at the “shadow” of that person I had become: a shivering, fearful mess.


I felt lonely and abandoned, I didn’t recognise myself, but no matter how many tears I cried, they only seemed to wipe out the person I used to be even more.

I trawled the internet for solutions and tried anything and anything I came across, but nothing seemed to work. The more I tried, the worse I seemed to get.

The anxiety became so frequent and debilitating, I would find myself wishing to just pass out during a panic attack, just to escape my body and the terrifying effects of my suffering. Naturally I assumed, if I was perceiving these symptoms so strongly and powerfully, I must be “in my head” too much, I must be focusing too much on my body.


Fast forward to now and I find it strangely amusing how I couldn’t have been further from solving my problems by wishing to “not be in my body” or to pass out or not to notice my body.

While yet again scouring the internet in search of answers, I came across a course which promised to teach energy healing – a way to heal your own body and mind, with nothing other than the power of energy. My mind was trying to tell me, this is a load of nonsense and a scam and yet, I seemed to be drawn to it in a way I cannot explain. After much debating and continuously seeing it advertised whenever I went online, I decided to sign up for the free introductory masterclass. After all, it was free, so what did I have to lose?

I can still vividly remember watching the masterclass and how I couldn’t believe how much I felt drawn to it. I had expected to maybe learn a “cute” trick I might be able to try and then simply move on. After all, before watching the masterclass, I had absolutely no intention of purchasing anything or signing up for the course, which considering I wasn’t working at the time, was mega expensive to me at over 300 bucks. I knew this was just a recording of an energy healing session I was watching, which was specifically produced to entice people to sign up and yet, I could feel this enormous connection with the teacher on screen, a connection I couldn’t explain. A connection I had longed for and which was the first thing in a long time that felt “right” in my life.

And there I was, only a few days later, entering my payment details to sign up to an energy healing course and I still wasn’t really able to explain why, apart from “It feels right to me!”.

I know, by now you must be desperate to hear what all this could possibly have to do with how to overcome panic attacks and anxiety.


As I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t have been further from any answers, when I believed I needed to somehow escape myself.

The truth is, what most of us in this day and age don’t realise, is that the majority of us are not present enough in our bodies at all, we are not connected enough to our self.

If we think about it for a second it makes perfect sense. We live in a human body, which was intended for nothing other than living on this planet, we rely on this planet to feed and nurture us, with all the riches only Earth possesses and no other planet to our knowledge can offer us. We were meant to be out in nature, walking on the ground with our bare feet and connecting to Earth’s energy, breathing in the abundance of fresh air, indulging in the beauty of the sky and the oceans, simply feeling alive and energised.

With this in mind, it is pretty easy to understand how only a disconnection from ourselves and our planet can cause us to feel anxious and panicked by the thought of leaving our house or whichever other trigger you might have. If we felt connected to our planet and our bodies, which were masterfully created to live and thrive here on Earth, we would find it impossible not to feel 100% supported and nourished.

Have you ever heard the saying, that whatever you fear most, is the one thing you should be doing? Exactly! And when it feels, like you want to leave your body to escape the pain and the fear, what you should really be doing, is to go deeper inside yourself than you have ever done before!

Yes, it seems impossible to even contemplate, but try the following for yourself and see how you too can begin to regain control over your life and take the first steps to in making anxiety and panic attacks a thing of the past.

The next time you feel anxious or fearful, follow these steps:
- If it is safe to do so, close your eyes (do not close your eyes if you are driving or operating machinery, in that case keep your eyes open)
- Feel your presence right behind your eyes and feel your life energy pulsing through your body
- Feel this energy pulsing at the base of your spine
- Feel or see or visualise how this energy at the base of your spine begins to extend downwards into the Earth, like a waterfall or beams of light and watch it going deeper and deeper, until it reaches the centre of the Earth, connecting you from the base of your spine into the centre of the Earth
- Continue to feel this strong connection between the Earth and you and feel the energy pulsing
- Remember how you are always supported and sustained by the Earth’s energy
- Notice how the anxiety begins to ease and how your pulse returns to normal
- Choose and set your intention to stay connected to the Earth’s energy for the rest of the day

Please feel free to try this out for yourself and let me know if you enjoyed this really simple, yet very effective little technique. Remember you can sign up for your very own Free 1-Hour Energy Healing Session and let me share some more amazing techniques with you by clicking on the button below.

Until then I send you love and light!



Simone Meadowcroft