If you want to change your life, start by cleaning your house


People frequently come to me, desperately unhappy with their life and ask me for advice on how to start creating a life they love, their faces bright and their eyes wide open, in the anticipation of hearing about some magical technique or ritual I will share with them, which will immediately transform their entire existence in an instant, which is immediately followed by a very puzzled expression and almost a vast disappointment on receipt of my answer,

“Go tidy and clean your house!”

This is clearly not what they wanted to hear and I am almost always met with the answer,

“But how is that going change my life?”

Most of us, if we were honest, have dreams of a bigger, better, wealthier, healthier and happier life. One of the most common complaints about their life people come to me with is a lack of financial wealth.

And generally speaking, it is often exactly those people who spend most of their days living in what I like to call “organised chaos”.


They are way behind with their chores and housework at home, the laundry is piling up, dishes are cluttered in the kitchen, their diet is far from being healthy and they can’t stop some of their unhealthy habits, they can’t remember the last time they gave their house a deep clean, paperwork is piling up and is causing bills to be paid late, the car is messy inside and out, … The list goes on and on and when questioned why everything has been neglected, the general answer is,

“I don’t have the time! It’s been busy!”


If we just step back for a second and try and look at the situation from the outside, basically, what you are telling everyone and everything, including the Universe, is that you are not coping with your life, because you can’t find the time or the organisational skills to keep your life as it is now in order.

Now, why would the Universe, all loving as it is, add anything to your life, if you are already struggling with all the things you have in your life right now? If you are not coping with paying your bills on time, why would it bring you more money to take care of? If you can’t keep your house tidy and loved, why would it bring you a bigger house with more take care of? If you can’t keep your car looked after, why would it bring you a more expensive car to neglect? If you can’t keep on top of your laundry, why would it bring more and expensive clothes into your life? If you can’t even care enough for your body to feed it correctly and stop consuming the things which are not good for you, why would it bring you more?

If I were to ask you right now, whether you are grateful for everything in your life, what would your answer be? Are you grateful to have a roof over your head, food to eat, the people who matter in your life, clothes to keep you warm, running hot water and heating, electricity,…? My bet is your answer is,

“Yes, of course!”

But do you treat it that way?


If you are neglecting the little things, like cleaning your house, cleaning your car, laundry, looking after yourself, paying bills, then you are not being grateful for the things you have.

If anything, neglecting to do and love all the little things which are already a part of your life, and yes that includes paying your bills, you are signalling to the Universe that you see these things as a chores and as a negative part of your life, you are signalling to the Universe that you are already well and truly overwhelmed with everything in your life. So of course, the all loving and caring Universe is not going to add anymore of what you already have to your life!

That brings us back to why “Clean you house!” is usually my first response to anybody asking me for advice on how they can create a change in their life, how they can add wealth and abundance and more of what they say they love.


So, if you are dreaming of the big mansion, start loving your house and start taking care of it. If you are dreaming of the luxurious car, go and have your car valeted today or do it yourself. If you are dreaming of the perfect partner to love you, start by loving yourself how you want to be loved. If you are dreaming of a healthy body, start living like you mean it and look after it, love it, nourish it and take care of it.

And yes, if financial wealth is what you are longing for, start taking care of that paperwork, start paying those bills as soon as they come in. Guess what, with more wealth often come more and higher bills which reflect that lifestyle.


See this as your little sign from the Universe today!

If you want to change your life, get up now and start, even if it means cleaning your house.

Love and light,


Simone Meadowcroft