Are you really being guided by your intuition or are your traumas just misleading you?


The best way to distinguish whether you are being led by your intuition or whether it is simply old pain misleading you, is to listen to your emotions. Our brain struggles to differentiate between the two, but our emotions can and will not lie.

If the life situation you are in presently is filling you with joy and excitement, if you can’t wait to get out of bed in the mornings to begin your day, if you look forward to your day, regardless of whether you know what will happen or not, then you are living in alignment and you are letting your intuition guide you through a path of ease and fulfilment!

If however the life situation you are in right now is not filling you with excitement and joy, if you feel tired and exhausted in the mornings, if you the thought of the day ahead fills you with anxiety and dread, if the thought of not knowing what will happen during your day freezes you fear rather than filling you with curiosity, if life to you feels like an endless repetition of drama, pain and confusion, if you feel like a victim of circumstance, with no way of escaping, then you are being mislead by your traumas.

For one day, keep a diary, check in every 30 minutes or at least once an hour and notice how you feel and let yourself be completely honest with yourself, write a brief summary of your emotions in that moment in your diary each time and at the end of the day, sit down and go over your diary entries and tally up how many entries are positive and how many are negative.

If the number of positive entries is larger than the negative ones, you are doing much better than the average person and are overall more likely to follow your intuition in your daily.

However if the number of negative entries exceeds the number of positive entries, this is a great indicator that you are more often mislead by your traumas and past experiences and these then shape your daily experiences.

If you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts and feeling negative emotions, try swapping them for positive thoughts.

Unfortunately, many of us have picked up the majority of our negativity in the first 7 years of our lives, when our brains are busy downloading everything around us, trying to make sense of the world and preparing us for life and if we witnessed our parents struggling, whether financially or emotionally, whether we watched people we loved suffer with illness and pain or even lost a loved one, maybe teachers or the people around you judged you or criticised you, told you, you weren’t smart enough or good enough, then all these things were absorbed by our innocent childhood mind, carefully “filed” away for good and stored for future reference.

This at first glance might not seem like a big problem, however, it is these references from our childhood which throughout our life continue to re-create patterns of drama and confusion and keep us firmly stuck in these painful cycles, which resonate with the childhood experiences we witnessed.

The good news is, we can go back and identify all those references you created in your childhood mind and once identified, we can then easily sever any emotional ties towards these experiences, with the help of some very simple techniques , enabling you to live freely and thrive and create a life of success and harmony, whether it is love, money or happiness you are yearning for.

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I really look forward to seeing you transform your life.

Love and light,