Could Shame Be Holding You Back?

Could shame be holding you back?

Shame if not a natural state of mind, instead it is something that we are programmed to feel by others, with the only intention of helping the other person to feel more comfortable in our presence about a lack they feel in themselves.

Parents often unknowingly project their own insecurities onto their children, by repeating patterns they lived and experienced as a child and unfortunately these are often passed on from one generation to the next, without even realising it.

Worse still, this childhood shame instilled in us by parents, grandparents or teachers and friends as we are growing up, not just stays with us as we grow older, but we unknowingly continue to broadcast these insecurities about ourselves out into the world, which then in a self-perpetuating cycle fill our life with more of the same experiences, seemingly confirming our insecurities and holding us firmly in a space we don't want to be, preventing us from creating the change in our life we are so desperately seeking.

However, all is not lost! We can at any time break this hereditary chain of shame and begin to become who we always wanted and knew we should be and you too can start changing your life right now, simply by taking a few little steps, that don't cost a penny!

- for the rest of the day, notice your emotions and how you feel

- if you are happy, notice why

- if you are unhappy, notice why

- who are these unhappy emotions related to and why?

- now think back to your childhood and see if you can remember feeling the same then and remember why and who made you feel that way!

You will quickly be able to see, how those negative emotions don't originate from you.

If you practice this exercise more frequently you will notice patterns, which will allow you to deal with situations far more successfully, as you are no longer simply reacting by default.

Can you think of at least one situation today you wish you had dealt with differently? I am curious to hear what it was! Drop a comment and maybe we can figure it out together ⬇️

Simone Meadowcroft