Why Defending Yourself Is Counterproductive


It is all too easy to react when we are faced with criticism, hatred and misunderstanding, especially when this is regarding who we feel we are. Nobody wants to feel less than worthy or inadequate. Nobody wants to feel like they are not enough. Unfortunately, it is never the person who is criticising us or even what they are accusing us of being which are at fault, when their words cut you like a knife. The damage was already done years ago, generally in our young childhood years. It could be the mother who always blamed you for everything she didn't have, the father who never had time for you, the teachers who judged you and didn't believe in you, the neighbours you knew talked about your family behind your backs, the kids you grew up with, who made fun of you, because you were different and who would make you believe you're too tall, too short, too ugly, too fat, too thin and simply not good enough. All those things you were exposed to on a daily basis formed who you think you are now! It made you forget who you really are, that person who shimmers through every so often in those moments when you forget the world around you and you are feeling pure joy or pure love. That person who knows their worthiness a hundred times over and doesn't care one bit what the surrounding world believes they know of you. That person you were before you were told who to be! And that person is still inside you, patiently waiting for you to recognise who you really are and you can return to being that person once more. Once we are able to pinpoint which parts of our life are truly ours and which are something we have adopted along the way, it is easy to begin stripping away those layers, one by one, freeing you from all the pain, fear, anxiety, upset and drama you are currently attracting by default, without even realising. It is the most gentle way to heal yourself from anything in your past and present. Be warned though! The side effects are pure joy and excitement to be alive. Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss any questions you might have or why not book a free 30 minute session as easily as clicking on the button below.

Love and light,


Simone Meadowcroft