Fame and success are often driven and fuelled by a life filled with contrast and the extraordinary desire to escape what caused us to want something different to begin with:

  • Growing up in an impoverished environment

  • Being bullied when younger

  • Being neglected and starved of love

  • Growing up in the “shadows” of successful parents or siblings

    … just to name the most common reasons.

Some might call those conditions in our childhood which trigger strong emotions the perfect catalysts for success, however, this often comes at a price, as the ghosts of the past continue to show up way beyond the point of being helpful or encouraging.

When the initial excitement and euphoria of success begins to give way again to the demons of the past, no matter how big the success or how much fame is achieved, it might temporarily mask and distract, but it can’t undo what happened during childhood years or erase any painful memories. No matter how much life changes on the outside, it can never repair what lies on the inside.

A vicious cycle is established of desiring success to break free from the past, short term relief when success is achieved, resentment of the feelings which fuel the drive to success, break down of relationships/career and therefore a renewed desire for success to break free from emotions.

Cycle 1.jpg

Often there is reservation or resistance towards addressing emotional pain, trauma or upset from the past, mainly for the following reasons:

  • the pain/trauma has become so familiar, it has become like an identity

  • fear that by healing the past, the inspiration and drive for success could be lost

  • fear of discovering parents/loved ones were not as perfect as always thought

  • guilt towards parents/loved ones for questioning the past

And worse still, these doubts are continuously adding to the already existing emotional distress.

When fame and financial success end up feeling like a curse, rather than a blessing, HYPE will help you transform your life into the blessing and the joy you always envisioned.

During her work with clients, Simone discovered that achieving success wasn’t really the problem clients were experiencing, but rather the sustaining of it. The more she observed this phenomena, the more determined Simone became to find out the reasons behind it, in order to find a solution.

The patterns became clear:

Clients who had experienced contrast or trauma during their childhood always had a strong drive for success and found it comparatively easy to convert this drive into results. However, the very contrast/trauma which had served them so well in achieving their goals would also become the trigger which would cause them to struggle with the success achieved, resenting their newly created lifestyle, rebelling against it and longing for a more regular life again, until the cycle begins again.

In light of this, Simone developed HYPE.

HYPE stands for Healing Your Past Energetically and is one of the most gentle methods for healing past emotions and trauma.

One of the things which makes HYPE so distinctively different compared to more conventional methods, is that its success doesn’t so much rely on analysing the past, but rather on disconnecting the negative energetic/emotional ties retained towards past experiences, making the whole experience and healing journey by far less painful.


Finding Peace Fast

Trying to heal our mind while it’s in a constant state of stress is like trying to jump onto a merry go round which is already spinning at full speed. It’s very difficult and it is most likely going to be painful!

The first step of HYPE is to calm and soothe the mind, with a series of specific methods, which are not just very easy and simple to learn, but are so discreet, they can be used at any time, in any place, even in public or in the spotlight, providing an near instant sense of control and reinstating the basic state of calmness required to heal the mind.

Hear the inner child

Learn to hear the inner child, the younger self, which lives in the subconscious.

As a young child our brains operate at a different wavelength compared to our adult brains, enabling us to quickly and efficiently absorb as much information as possible. In historic times this primeval function was vital to make sure the young learnt fast and became independent in order to survive. Our modern day lifestyle does not require children to grow up as fast, however our bodies still run according to their primeval programming and we “download” everything that goes on around us, without filters. We are naturally inclined to try and please the ones we care about in return for their love and acceptance and therefore automatically accept anything coming from parents, family, friends and teachers as the truth when we are young. This isn’t good, considering most of them are likely operating from a similarly flawed truth which they learnt as children, creating a distorted view of ourselves and life.

If we are experiencing unpleasant emotions and circumstances we can’t explain, because they originate from our subconscious, it is near impossible to change our situation, as we are only aware of how we feel, but not why. It’s like trying to fight an invisible enemy.

HYPE makes it possible to discover all the false truths the younger self accepted, uncovering the subconscious beliefs which are controlling our reality.


Letting go of the old

It isn’t what happened to us that affects our life, but our emotional connection to what happened.

It can be hard enough dealing with difficult thoughts we are aware of and dealing with subconscious beliefs and blocks takes this challenge to a whole new level.

HYPE allows the brain to slow down enough to access the subconscious programming, resembling the frequency our childhood brains functioned at, in order to release any emotional and energetic ties towards these beliefs of our past which are holding us back. This method is so gentle, clearing blocks and hidden beliefs is like returning an unwanted gift to a store, leaving the old behind and enabling you to begin living the life you had always envisioned for yourself.

HYPE for life!

HYPE is much more than just a way of healing your past, it has you covered for the future, too!

With the ability to feel in control of life, at all times, no matter what might be going on, for many HYPE becomes a way of life, rather than just a bunch of knowledge and tools to fall back onto in times of need.

Become part of an elite tribe of people who have not just rewritten their past, but who in the process of rewriting their future are now making history!

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only accepts a limited number of clients to work with personally at any given time, to ensure the best possible outcome for her clients and thanks to the incredible results achieved, Simone has quickly become a hot tip amongst many.

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