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Never in history has becoming famous, wealthy and successful felt more achievable than today. With the help of the internet, technology and social media we seemingly have the world at our fingertips. Within a matter of hours anybody can have a website up and running and call themselves a business owner. Marketing via social media is often free, allowing anyone to immediately begin broadcasting their message to the world.

The wave of entrepreneurialism sweeping our modern society has reached epic proportions and is showing no signs of slowing down, fuelled further by so called “overnight success stories” all over the media, telling us of men and women who went from being homeless or broke to being multi millionaires and highly successful business owners.

Online entrepreneurialism has become the modern day “gold rush”.

Simone Meadowcroft

Online entrepreneurialism has become the modern day “gold rush”, promising fame and fortune to anyone bold enough to stake their claim. Yet, despite the fact that our world’s economy has been growing at an astronomical rate and continues to do so, proving there are seemingly no limits to the amount of wealth we can produce as a whole, prosperity and success still only seems to be available to a privileged few. How come the entrepreneurial dream comes true for some, but not for others? Even after a promising start and a flourishing beginning, why are so many entrepreneurs failing with their businesses and leading the title of entrepreneur to become more and more toxic?


We all only have the same 24 hours available to us each day, so the amount of money earned by the super rich can’t possibly be explained by the hours and effort which are being invested. Some of the most hardworking and dedicated people are often also some of the least prosperous, struggling to make ends meet.

So what determines the wealth factor if it is not time or hard labour?

The answer behind it all lies in our childhood, but don’t be fooled to believe that growing up poor therefore means always staying poor or that growing up wealthy means always staying wealthy.

As a young child our brains operate at a different wavelength compared to our adult brains, enabling us to quickly and efficiently absorb as much information as possible. In historic times this primeval function was vital to make sure the young learnt fast and became independent in order to survive. Our modern day lifestyle does not require children to grow up as fast, however our bodies still run according to their primeval programming and we “download” everything that goes on around us, without filters. We are naturally inclined to try and please the ones we care about in return for their love and acceptance and therefore automatically accept anything coming from parents, family, friends and teachers as the truth when we are young. This isn’t good, considering most of them are likely operating from a similarly flawed truth which they learnt as children.



whether your childhood was happy, sad, lonely or traumatic, your childhood brain absorbed everything that happened and created your personalised “operating system” in your subconscious about life according to your experiences. Your conscious mind can only recall a minute part of your younger years and often these memories are not the daily experiences which shaped our subconscious beliefs.

On average, 95% of the day we are operating from the subconscious mind and only 5% of the day are we acting and choosing consciously. This means, your subconscious mind, including all the false truths and limiting beliefs you learnt as a child, are running your life and therefore making your decisions 95% of the time!

We might even believe our childhood was fairly “normal”, but it isn’t until we are able to tap into our subconscious that we can really find out the truth.

The truth is, if you are not living the life of your dreams, then you are living the life of your subconscious limitations.
— Simone Meadowcroft

The biggest problem we have, is that our limiting beliefs and our drive to success have the same place of origin within our subconscious mind. Both were created out of the experiences in our childhood and how we subconsciously interpreted them.

Our early childhood determines whether we are predominantly driven by our limitations or our dreams.

If you are…


Whether you are predominantly driven by limitations or by dreams, chances are, you might recognise yourself in a bit of both.

It is like in the popular saying about having an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other: We find ourselves fighting an inner battle, trying to escape conditions of our past, while simultaneously not believing we can ever do so and so the reality we create is a reflection of whichever part of our subconscious has been stronger.

People who are mainly driven by their dreams initially find it easier to create success, they have more drive and less self-doubt, they use their past to motivate them to move forward, however this alone is still not enough to produce lasting results. Eventually the “devil on the shoulder” will rear its ugly head again, to remind them of all their subconscious limitations, slowing down or even reversing progress made.


The secret to success lies in the ability to choose the programming of our subconscious mind. When we are able to choose our emotional connections to the past, we simultaneously open up new pathways for our future!

- Simone Meadowcroft


Week 1:

Return to Self

Most believe they have a great sense of who they are and why they want the things they want. The truth is, the majority of people mistake their ego for their true identity. The ego however is nothing but the rational mind’s defence mechanism. Its only purpose is to ensure its own survival and NOT the quality of your life, the fulfilment of the journey or the achievement of dreams and goals.

Our true self is not interested in drama. In fact, its only interest is to feel good and thrive in every moment and to remember who we really are we need to be able to look behind the drama that our ego creates on a daily basis. We need to learn how to quiet the noise of our rational mind in order to be able to listen to our true guidance, which always knows our next steps, never doubts and never resists.

- Find out why it is so hard to stay focused on a daily basis and how this is stopping you from seeing your next steps more clearly

- Learn how to feel more connected to who you really are and how to calm your mind in any situation, to supercharge your clarity, boost your confidence and know your next steps with certainty

- Become more present, learn how to focus regardless of what is going on in your life and learn to discreetly, easily and quickly stop anxiety, fear and panic in its tracks

- Discover a newfound joy in your everyday life and how to always make the most of every situation

- Establish a new state of mind, that will attract your desires


Week 2:

Connecting To All There Is

Staying in touch with others, even if they are half way around the world from where we are, has never been easier thanks to technology. For many this comes as a blessing and it definitely has changed many millions of lives for the better. However our constant use of the internet has also come at a price. Despite the fact that we are in near constant correspondence with people via for example social media, many have never more lonely and misunderstood than today.

Never before have we as the human race been less connected to what is most important in order to thrive: our planet Earth, the Universe our planet is a part of and their corresponding forces and energies.

No matter how many powerful and successful people we network with in order to reach our goals, if we are not connected to our true power sources, life will continue to stay a struggle and our desires unfulfilled.

- Learn the true secret behind wealth and success and how this has helped the most influential people on this planet to success

- Improve your health, vitality and mindset and learn how to always feel full of energy and positivity

- Find out why you are not achieving the results you desire and

learn how to direct your energy in your favour to access your full potential

- Discover how limitations are imposed on us by others and ourselves and learn how to let go of any restrictions and tap into your unlimited mindset instead

- Learn the truth about the law of attraction and how you are already using it on a daily basis and find out how to begin intentionally using the natural laws in your favour to control the results you are achieving

- Get practical examples, based on everyday situations of how to apply all your newly gained knowledge easily and effectively and watch your life improving immediately


Week 3:

Creating Your Space

Creating our personal space goes way beyond interior design. Most of us unfortunately pay far more attention and money towards our surroundings in our physical world, compared to the mainly invisible energetic space. We give much thought to how our home looks and where we live, to how we dress and where and who we socialise with, however we pay little to no attention to our emotional and energetic field, which not just surrounds us

at all times, but also introduces us to others before we even speak a word and is a major contributor in what and how we experience our daily life.

The most successful people always appear the most attractive to us and that has very little to do with their looks, clothes or their financial wealth, but has all to do with their personal energy.

- Find out what your personal energy is saying about you right now and how it is introducing you to others

- Learn how to adjust your energy, depending on the situation you are in

- Discover any stagnant energy, which is stopping your from thriving physically, emotionally and financially and learn how to clear it

- Find out how to be in control of your day in advance, by setting your energy to the desired frequency and learn how to maintain it

- Discover the vital ingredient in the secret of so many successful people’s life; begin using it yourself and watch your life transform


Week 4:

Hear Your Inner Child

As a young child our brains operate at a different wavelength compared to our adult brains, enabling us to quickly and efficiently absorb as much information as possible. In historic times this primeval function was vital to make sure the young learnt fast and became independent in order to survive. Our modern day life is significantly different and unfortunately we end

up not just absorbing what is useful to us for survival, but also every little detail our parents live out in our daily life when we are young, from unhealthy relationships, over financial problems, to health issues.

We are naturally inclined to try and please the ones we care about in return for their love and acceptance and therefore automatically accept anything coming from parents, family, friends and teachers as the truth when we are young, good and bad, truth or false. Considering they are likely operating from a similarly flawed truth which they learnt as children, it is obvious how flawed this primeval function can be.

- Learn how to access the same wavelengths your brain functioned in as a young child

- Discover all the unhelpful and false beliefs you picked up as a young child

- Find out how these subconscious beliefs and programming continue to hold you back and stop you from thriving

- Uncover which parts of your life are controlled by your false beliefs and strip them away to let your subconscious experience and taste what the life of your dreams really looks like

- Get completely clear about what is serving you and what isn’t and know with certainty where you want to be in 5 years time


Week 5: Clearing Energy Ties

To open up new pathways to our future, we need to clear out some of the existing emotional connections to our past. It isn’t what happened to us that affects our life, but our emotional connection to what happened.

It can be hard enough dealing with difficult thoughts we are aware of and dealing with subconscious beliefs and blocks takes this challenge to a whole new level.

In order to do so, we need to access the subconscious programming to release any emotional and energetic ties towards these beliefs of our past which are holding us back.

- Learn how to allow yourself to access your subconscious programming

- Find out how to easily and gently clear any energetic connection to subconscious beliefs and blocks

- Become clear on existing thought patterns and find out whether they are working for you or against you

- Discover how to use energetic connections to very specifically attract and create the future you desire

- Create your personal plan of action, with easy to follow steps and continue your journey in confidence

- Learn how you can begin to live the life of your dreams as soon as tomorrow and watch your prosperity grow

- Get in depth advice on how to continue your journey after the course, to ensure you don’t lose momentum and continue to thrive

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Meet your coach, Simone!

Simone’s extensive research and practical training in energy work, her in depth experience in helping clients transform their lives, combined with her delightfully cheerful and engaging personality are what make her one of the best in her field of expertise.

Simone only accepts a limited number of clients to work with personally at any given time, to ensure the best possible outcome for her clients and thanks to the incredible results achieved, Simone has quickly become a hot tip amongst some of the most influential people.

HYPE gives you exactly that! A unique opportunity to work with Simone and experience amazing results in your life, too!

What Clients Say

Simone is amazing! In less than one month I have seen a transformation in my way of thinking. She is very intuitive ,has a friendly professional attitude and shows genuine care and concern for the issues that are important to me as a client. Simone is readily available when I need her. She follows through and checks in with me to see how I am progressing. If I am having an issue she will take the time to listen and give constructive feedback .She understands that making changes is hard, as she has made changes in her life and has learned tools that she shares to help me work towards turning my dreams into reality.I have never worked with a motivational coach before, and since Simone has been helping me,she is the only one I will ever need.
— A.
Truthfully Simone, this is a very powerful program of self-discovery, but gives you a taste of the benefits of being connected to your inner being and once we do so, it’s hard reverting back to our old selves or our old ways... I’ve had so many a-has myself and reading the posts on Facebook from other participants was very enlightening and encouraging knowing we are not alone in our struggles.
— S.
Simone is awesome! I have changed so many things about myself since I started working with her. She will say it’s all me, but I tell you I couldnt have taken a step towards change if I didn’t have her in my corner. She roots me on and advises me when I don’t do so well. Anyone who is ready for a change, look her up!
— A.