Releasing Fear

This was me at my worst, feeling unable to even leave my bed.

This was me at my worst, feeling unable to even leave my bed.

This was once me!

Most people I meet these days have absolutely no idea I used to suffer from debilitating anxiety and panic attacks.

But I have been there!

Even just reading an article about anxiety and how to possibly cure it could set me off in the past and I would end up with a full blown panic attack. At my worst, I was almost housebound! My anxiety and panic attacks had spiralled out of control into agoraphobia and I struggled to even leave the house and when I did have to go out, it was sheer terror.

I would step outside and the world was spinning, I felt dizzy, faint. My heart would pound, like it was about to jump out of my chest or maybe even stop under all that stress. My chest felt compacted, like the weight of a car was lying on my chest. My lungs felt like I was drowning and the harder I desperately tried to breathe in some air, the more my lungs seemed to be restricted, like they were already filled with something other than air, making it possible to only take the shallowest of breaths, each breath leaving me more paralysed than the last, each breath making me feel more suffocated than the last.

The worse my anxiety and the panic attacks got, the more I wondered how I had ever got myself into such a mess? I would think about the person I used to be, so full of life and energy, so full of happiness and vibrance and get desperately upset looking at the “shadow” of that person I had become: a shivering, fearful mess.

I felt lonely and abandoned, I didn’t recognise myself, but no matter how many tears I cried, they only seemed to wipe out the person I used to be even more.

I trawled the internet for solutions and tried anything and anything I came across, but nothing seemed to work. The more I tried, the worse I seemed to get.

The anxiety became so frequent and debilitating, I would find myself wishing to just pass out during a panic attack, just to escape my body and the terrifying effects of my suffering. Naturally I assumed, if I was perceiving these symptoms so strongly and powerfully, I must be “in my head” too much, I must be focusing too much on my body.

I tried everything, from acupuncture, over EFT, to behavioural therapy with a psychologist and medication from a psychiatrist. The medication made me feel like a zombie and all the behavioural therapy did, was exaggerate my symptoms whenever my psychologist wasn’t with me, helping me. Family and friends would try to help and make me repeat the exposure therapy my psychologist would do with me, but this just lead to even more intense fear and anxiety and more frequent panic attacks and an added fear of family and friends expecting things from me that I just couldn’t do.

My panic attacks seemed to be like quicksand: the more I struggled and tried to free myself, the more I was being pulled under!

I began to dread having a bad day even the night before, while insomnia kept me awake, to go over all the worries again, which had been on my mind all day already and just to make sure I wouldn’t "run out of worries", let's throw some new ones in there, too. When I would eventually drift off hours later, or rather when I had passed out with sheer exhaustion, it was usually time to get up. And in that split second, that brief moment, in which I was between sleeping and waking, I would feel ok, I would feel light or weightless, because I wasn’t fully awake yet and I hadn't started thinking or feeling anything, to be truthful. However, as soon as I would wake up, the thousands of thoughts and feelings of fear and panic would come rushing into my mind and as I would open your eyes, they would often almost well up with tears, in the realisation that I was still stuck in my own, personal, never ending nightmare. As it all comes flooding back to you, it feels like you have been hit by a ton of bricks and anxiety grips your throat, like a hand reaching out to strangle you. Your heart starts to race, your hands begin to sweat and you feel like you are going to be sick! The feeling becomes so unbearable that you flee your own bed, in the desperate attempt to run away from this feeling, but you remember that for you the nightmare has become reality and you do not get to wake from it, ever! You have painfully had to learn the lesson, that the harder you try to escape it, the more it will grip hold of you, just to prove its power to you. Yet you still feel this irresistible urge to run away from it all, but then you remember that running isn't an option either, as anxiety is waiting for you right there outside your front door, too or your back door or anywhere outside in the open! How could you even forget that just stepping outside makes anxiety's grip tighter still. You walk to the window and you see people walking by and birds flying in the sky and you wish you could be like them, free to go wherever you want, whenever you want, without the "shackles of fear" holding you back. You silently beg and cry for somebody to make it all go away and in total despair you remember that the only person who can make it go away is YOU! With a heavy heart you resign yourself to another day of fear and worry and as you are getting yourself ready to "face the world", you try to figure out strategies, to help you cope with the day ahead and all the things you won't be able to avoid facing. The more you think about how to avoid certain situations and places, the more fearful you get and you wonder how you are going to cope in those situations, because you haven't even left the house yet and just the thought of it is already making you feel like you are going to pass out. You wish it would all just stop and go back to how things used to be. You think about the person you used to be and it makes you want to cry, because you miss them so, so much and you wonder, whether you will ever be able to be that person again?!

No, this isn't something I have read somewhere or copied from a textbook and this isn't just a fictional account of somebody suffering with anxiety. This was me! These were my feelings. Yes, this is what my life used to be like! This is my story and thankfully now my past!

A much more gentle way to heal

As I already mentioned above, none of the conventional methods were not working for me and to be honest, a lot of them were not just ineffective, but so harsh and brutal, they were simply making my fears worse and adding to the problem. If anything at all was ever going to help me, I needed to find a way which was gentle and worked with me, rather than producing more fear and that is how began my journey into self-discovery and healing.

While yet again scouring the internet in search of answers, I came across a course which promised to teach energy healing – a way to heal your own body and mind, with nothing other than the power of energy. My mind was trying to tell me, this is a load of nonsense and a scam and yet, I seemed to be drawn to it in a way I cannot explain. After much debating and continuously seeing it advertised whenever I went online, I decided to sign up for the free introductory masterclass. After all, it was free, so what did I have to lose? Besides, every conventional method had failed for me, so why not finally give something unconventional a go?

I can still vividly remember watching the masterclass and how I couldn’t believe how much I felt drawn to it. I had expected to maybe learn a “cute little trick” I might be able to try and then simply move on. After all, before watching the masterclass, I had absolutely no intention of purchasing anything or signing up for the course, which considering I wasn’t working at the time, was mega expensive to me at several hundred bucks. I knew this was just a recording of an energy healing session I was watching, which was specifically produced to entice people to sign up and yet, I could feel this enormous connection with the teacher on screen, a connection I couldn’t explain. A connection I had longed for and which was the first thing in a long time that felt “right” in my life.

And there I was, only a few days later, entering my payment details to sign up to an energy healing course and I still wasn’t really able to explain why, apart from “It feels right to me!”.

I took the course and it truly changed my life. Even though the course I took wasn't aimed specifically at people suffering from anxiety, everything I was learning made so much sense, even in my case. My life began to change, more and more with each week I was taking part and most importantly, I was enjoying every minute of the course. For once healing myself was fun and not scary.

I continued my path of self-discovery, always with the thought of eventually releasing all my fear. I signed up to one course and program after another, I read books, I watched videos until one day, I noticed my whole life had changed. I no longer suffered from panic attacks or anxiety. Without realising it, I had learnt so much about myself and my past, that everything which had caused my panic attacks to begin with, was no longer active inside me anymore.

I had spent many, many hours every day for well over a year studying, researching, practicing and learning about how to heal myself, investing a lot of money and effort, sometimes in a process of trial and error, finding ways and means to finally successfully free myself of my anxieties and panic attacks and I was desperate to share my success with others in order to help as many people as possible, however, I was determined to streamline the process for others, to make it more affordable, less time consuming and very easy and straight forward.

I meticulously sifted through everything I had done throughout my healing process, determining exactly what had contributed to my success, why and in which order it would be most effective, until I had designed the “Releasing Fear” course.

This was me a few months into my journey. I even took my studying outside, which would have been unthinkable to me before.

This was me a few months into my journey. I even took my studying outside, which would have been unthinkable to me before.

I am so grateful for everything! I love going outside again, doing yoga at the beach in the morning, without the shackles of fear! Simply enjoying life!

I am so grateful for everything! I love going outside again, doing yoga at the beach in the morning, without the shackles of fear! Simply enjoying life!

Releasing Fear - How does it work?

The distinctive difference of the Releasing Fear course is that the main focus lies on being gentle throughout the whole process of overcoming anxiety, without having to compromise on effectiveness.

Part 1

In the first part of the course we work on giving you very easy to use tools, which will help build up your confidence in yourself again, by allowing you to feel safe and supported, no matter which environment you are in. You will learn

  • how to create an easy flow in your daily life

  • how to deal with potentially stressful situations in advance, so they don’t become stressful

  • how to calmly approach every situation, even when you unexpectedly find yourself in a fear inducing situation

  • how to instantly calm your mind, no matter what

  • how to always feel confident, no matter where you are.

Part 2

In part 2 you will learn

  • how to trust in yourself again

  • how to trust in your environment again

  • how to always feel safe and supported again

  • how to feel independent and strong again.

Part 3

Part 3 is all about taking firm control of your daily life again. You will learn powerful tools which will allow you to

  • design your day in advance

  • choose your experiences in advance

  • feel energised and replenished throughout even hectic times

  • not feel influenced by others and their emotions

  • not be dragged down or sucked in by negativity of any kind.

Part 4

In part 4 we go back and find out what exactly caused your anxiety and panic attacks to begin with. We find out

  • which beliefs you picked up along the way that fuelled your fear

  • who influenced you to do so

  • when you lost track of who you really are and what you really want in life

  • why you chose fear over who you really are, as your natural state is pure joy.

Part 5

In part 5 we clear anything which remains of your fearful ego. You learn will learn

  • how to effectively clear any unwanted emotions

  • how to clear any unwanted connections to past situations

  • how to release any unwanted fear and anxiety for good.

Part 6

In this last part we look at

  • how to stay on track and incorporate everything you learnt in your daily life with ease

  • how to balance your life again and feel happy planning your future

  • how to begin creating the life of your dreams

  • how to continue your journey with confidence.

How long does the course take?

The course lasts for 6 weeks, consisting of one live video session with me per week.

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6 weeks and 6 sessions could be all that lies between you and the life of your dreams, leaving fear behind you for good!

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